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Grand Marshal Nominations
The Glen Ellyn 4th of July Committee is seeking Grand Marshal nominations for its annual 4th of July Parade. The selection committee will consider things such as each candidate’s community service involvement, volunteerism and leadership. The nominations must include background information on each candidate. Please include the name, address and telephone number of the nominator. Nominees must be Glen Ellyn residents and consent prior to being nominated. Deadline to submit the nominations is May 6, 2010. Please submit at

GEL SHARE: Glen Ellyn Police Department Residential Security Survey

A Residential Security Survey is an inspection of your home, performed by a specially trained police officer, in an effort to identify areas in which you could improve the physical security of your residence. Many security features may be discussed, ranging from simply trimming shrubbery, to changing locks and upgrading exterior lighting.

Recommendations may be made to improve the security of your home. There are no obligations to the resident to perform any of the recommendations.

by Laura Glaza

Glen Ellyn residents arrived at the 2010 Recycling Extravaganza via two wheels and four…and on foot. They came with their dogs…and one rabbit. But what they left was vital to the environment in the Village of Glen Ellyn.

Residents unloaded 65 batteries, 711 eyeglasses, 21 bicycles, 105 American flags, 55 fire extinguishers, thousands of books and hundreds of pounds of used clothing – all items that might have otherwise ended up in local landfills or polluting rivers and streams.

GEL CELEBRATES: Earth Day Activities

Activities you can participate in during Earth Day celebration:

Recycling Extravaganza
Saturday, April 24, 8am-12pm, located at the Village commuter parking lot at Duane and Lorraine Streets. Organized by the Glen Ellyn Environmental Commission. A complete list of items accepted can be found on the Village website.

April 22 - 40th Earth Day,

GEL BIG PICTURE: Where does all your 2009 income tax money go?

Here's a link that will enlighten (or frighten) you to our nation's escalating national debt.

According to the U.S. NATIONAL DEBT CLOCK the Outstanding Public Debt as of 15 Apr 2010 at 12:23:29 PM GMT is:


That's only $1,653,607,879,505.26 (that's a trillion number) more than last year. (The numbers are so large you can't do the math on a standard calculator if you include the cents!)

The estimated population of the United States is 308,198,082

Brian Flanagan House Project

by Ginger Wheeler

Glen Ellyn dad, Brian Flanagan, never misses a Glenbard West event that features one of his two kids. He is 100% involved with his college age daughter's academic career.

He is also co-owner of two businesses. But that didn't stop Flanagan from donating dozens of hours, hundreds of miles, and his construction expertise to the transformation of a run-down house into a badly needed teen center for the Boys & Girls Club of Lake County, located in...Waukegan.


by Ginger Wheeler

(Continued) Executive chef, Pete Loehrke, (with an extensive background that includes Lettuce Entertain You's Avanzare, as well as the Cheesecake Factory and The Clubhouse in Oak Brook), has taken great pains to learn the old favorites, such as the Athenian Skirt Steak and Glen Oak's famous Broiled Pork Chops, at the same time bringing in some new taste tempters such as the mile-high Hilltopper burger.

And yes, the restaurant serves dinner, which patrons can enjoy with that signature martini or a favorite glass of imported beer, every evening (who knew?).

Moves Dance Studio presents Angelina Ballerina

You will have an opportunity to learn a few movements, play a game and watch dancers perform Angelina Ballerina!
Ages: 3 - 8 and their families. Reservations online or at the Youth Services Desk begin March 27.

Event Start Date: 
Apr 24 2010 2:00pm - 2:40pm
Glen Ellyn Public Library

by Ginger Wheeler

California transplant and Wheaton native Pam Duffy, and her photographer husband Ken Little, decided to venture into the restaurant business. They began searching for a business location and theme that seemed right to them.

What they found brought them back to Pam's roots and her early childhood memories of sitting in the brightly lit windows of Glen Ellyn's Glen Oak Restaurant with her grandma, waiting for her uncle to walk by on his daily commute to the city.

Those early memories spawned an interest to buy the Glen Oak restaurant.

By Ginger Wheeler

How is mental healthcare delivered in DuPage County? How could evidence based research change things and give us more bang for our tax dollars? Come learn what's happening with the stalled health insurance reform plan in the US Congress and also how healthcare reform affects the delivery of mental healthcare services in DuPage County.

Join the League of Women Voters of Glen Ellyn on Thursday, March 11 at 7:30pm at the Glen Ellyn Civic Center, 535 Duane Street in Glen Ellyn.

Speakers will include two area leaders on healthcare.

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