GEL ELECTION: Glen Ellyn School District 87 Board Candidate Profiles

March 19, 2009

On April 7, 2009, Glen Ellyn residents will have an opportunity to vote for four new District 89 School Board positions.

District 89 includes Glenbard East, Glenbard North, Glenbard South and Glenbard West.

The race consists of two candidates who met the deadlines for submitting their names on the ballot, or “filed”, and nine candidates who are considered write-ins.

In order for a candidate to win a seat as a write-in, residents must know to write the candidates name on the line, and fill in the oval next to the name. The ballot will not offer a choice of write-in names, so be prepared when voting.

Candidates for Glenbard School District 87 Board are:

Yadav N. Nathwani (filed)
F. Thomas Voltaggio (filed)
Luke Baer (write-in)
Donald Birns (write-in)
no photo
no photo
Robert Friend (write-in)
Richard Heim (write-in)
no photo
no photo
Rose Stelter (write-in)
Philomena Merrithey (write-in)
Donald G. Pydo (write-in)
John Snyder (write-in)
no photo
Thomas Stachelski (write-in)

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To help voters get to know the candidates, questions were solicited from a random mix of residents. These residents represented families from all over Glen Ellyn with different levels of experience with the school district.

Below is a list of all twenty questions submitted and each of the candidates’ answers. If a candidate did not respond to our request to fill out the questionnaire by the deadline, we did not include their answers. All answers are shown as submitted.

Question 1: What motivated you to seek a seat on the District 87 Board of Education? View Responses Here
Question 2: How do you view the role of a school board member? View Responses Here
Question 3: What’s been your prior involvement in District 87 activities? View Responses Here
Question 4: What steps would you take as a school board member to improve the Dist 87 Board image in the community? View Responses Here
Question 5: What are the 3-5 top issues you’d want to address as a Dist 87 board member?
View Responses Here

Question 6: Why are these issues important to the community? View Responses Here
Question 7: What experience(s) do you have that demonstrate particular skills or insights to being a qualified District 87 board member? View Responses Here
Question 8: What experience do you have in the areas of budgeting, business and finance? View Responses Here
Question 9: What experience do you have with contract or union negotiations? View Responses Here
Question 10: What ideas do you have for making the work of the Board of Education more accessible/visible to the community? View Responses Here

Question 11: What is your position on implementing late days instead of full snow days? View Responses Here
Question 12: Currently, sport activities are an additional fee paid by parents. What are your thoughts on this? For what reasons should these fees be increased? View Responses Here
Question 13: What is your position on class size? Are current District 87 guidelines compatible with your expectations? Do you think that current class size targets meet the needs of our students? Explain… View Responses Here
Question 14: For what purposes do you think cash reserves should be used? View Responses Here

Question 15: CPI for 2008 was 0.1% and it is expected that CPI will be again be quite low for 2009. This will greatly influence the budget for school years 2010-2011 and beyond. What strategies/changes should the Board/District employ to deal with expenditures outpacing revenues. View Responses Here
Question 16: Recent Illinois law allows counties to create a sales tax revenue stream that is earmarked only for school construction/capital projects and is proportioned amongst county school districts based solely upon student enrollment numbers (i.e. it is not means-tested). Would you, as Board member, support or oppose D87 calling on the County Board to approve creation of such a tax? View Responses Here
Question 17: What is your position on the creation of a TIF District(s) that could be proposed within the D87 boundaries? View Responses Here
Question 18: School Districts are allowed to sell bonds to fund additions to buildings without going to referendum. Would you be in favor of doing so, or do you think capital improvements of that size should be approved by the community in a referendum? View Responses Here
Question 19: What are your thoughts about the turf and lights for both Duchon and Memorial Fields? View Responses Here
Question 20: One comment we often hear is that District 87 employs a high number of administrators. What are your thoughts on this? View Responses Here

Questions to Incumbents:
Question 1: Over the past four years, describe how your performance and voting record on the Board reflected your 2005 campaign platform as a candidate? What is consistent? What changed and why? View Responses Here
Question 2: What are the biggest issues facing the next Board? View Responses Here
Question 3: What specific accomplishments can you point to as a current board member that show your leadership or decision-making qualities? View Responses Here

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