What Readers Have Said Since the "Soft" Launch

Here's what GlenEllynLife.com readers have said since we "soft" launched the site on Dec 10, 2008...

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A Sampling of Unsolicited Comments from GEL Readers


I check in your site from time to time -- it is very nicely done and has a lot of great information! I especially liked the article about things to do with your kids during spring break. I did not know about train watching in Rochelle!

C Basile


Your article on John Huston was fascinating.

Julie Worthen - Communications Director, School District 41


Wow, your website looks phenomenal. I love it. Thank you for taking the time to join us for our immigration Wax museum.

Shannon Walston-Cross
Abraham Lincoln Elementary School
Glen Ellyn School District #41


I just wanted to thank you for your amazing write up of the Garage Party and the wonderful photos! You certainly are timely!!

I wish you the best with the new site. It looks great and will sure to be the best source for all GE news from here on out!

Margo Matthew - Bridge Communities


It’s a great site and great for GE.

Carrie S.


Your site is awesome. Interesting stuff! Thank you for sending this link. Good luck with the site. The more information that is easily available to residents and visitors of Glen Ellyn, the better!

The photo of the holiday walk tree lighting is simply the best I have ever seen! Best of luck with this new information and opinion resource. I look forward to reading it often.

Mark Pfefferman, Civic Betterment Party Village President Candidate


Thanks for sending me the message about the Glen Ellyn Life website. I think it’s an excellent idea and I hope it’s successful. I already found it very helpful in trying to learn the facts behind the ‘personnel issue’ about two Village department heads.

In participating in the Ackerman Woods and the dept. heads issues, I was struck by the difficulty an elected official must have trying to hear the real voice of the community. There are no public opinion polls at the local level to provide feedback. Those appearing at board meetings may indeed be only a “noisy minority” or they may be the tip of an iceberg reflecting the consensus or at least the majority opinion of the village. It’s a real challenge for the board members to understand what residents think.

I chatted with a former village president about the community feedback issue. He pointed out that in the old days (perhaps only twenty years ago) one could get a good sample of village opinion by talking to the firemen and to the barbers in town. Since most of the firemen owned or worked in local businesses, they and the barbers had constant contact with many residents every day. A trustee or anyone else wanting to sample public opinion could do so by spending a bit of time with these people. Unfortunately this mechanism is not as useful any more as Glen Ellyn has become more of a bedroom suburb and less of a self-contained economic/social unit. At the same time changes in the communication business have resulted in the Glen Ellyn News and other publications becoming much less a real source of community news and views at the village level.

The internet is probably the best solution to the “How do we give feedback to the village officials?” question. I have been using the Village’s website to send messages expressing my views to the Board and the Village Manager. Individual trustees might set up their own website to encourage feedback and develop their own mailing list to ask for residents’ opinions on specific issues or just to invite comments. Maybe the village website could be used to invite such feedback.

Glen Ellyn Life seems a logical fit and contributor as an electronic communication process evolves to replace the “What are the merchants and firemen hearing?” network of days past.

Keep up the good work!

Lyn Whiston


Good effort. Build pertinent content and community interaction and you’ve got critical mass. Looks interesting. Did fwd to several GE friends.
Regards, Brian C


Very cool site! I’m forwarding your email to our PR person for the Glen Ellyn Newcomers Club. She publishes press releases for all of our events, etc. GlenEllynLife.com would be another great outlet for this information.

I’m the Welcoming Chair for Newcomers. We have a monthly ‘Welcoming Social’ to introduce new female residents to Glen Ellyn & the club, or any woman that wants to learn more about our club. Once you get the calendar going, we’d love to have this event logged with information to contact our Newcomers 1-800 number to get location details.

Dana M


This site is great and potentially very useful. A lot of time we don’t learn about the importance or immediacy of burning issues (such as the Ackerman park issue last spring) until we start to see signs in neighbors’ yards.

I think it might be useful to create links to some other sites, such as the Ackerman Woods page (still maintained), and some sort of Glen Ellyn blog that I stumbled onto when I was trying to make sense of the Hulsberg/Norton personnel issue (which was, especially at first, difficult for any outsider to comprehend). Another possible link has to do with a proposed preschool move that had some folks up in arms--a Montessori school proposed moving from St. Marks to a small church at Hillside and Park. I don’t know what became of that.

Finally, I think this site could really serve a potentially useful function for folks as they attempt to make informed decisions--about which way to vote on various school board initiatives and the like.

Betsy M

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